The coinage of Apollonia and Dyrrhachium:

Bronze coins

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  1. Introduction
  2. Apollonia
  3. Dyrrhachium

1. Introduction


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2.Apolloniate bronzes

  1. Artemis - tripodArtemis-tripod

    Obv. Head of Artemis to right. Monogram behind neck. Rev. Tripod within laurel wreath. AΠOΛΛΩ/NIATAN (APOLLO/NIATAN). BMC 47.

  2. Demeter/tripod
  3. Dionysos/cornucopia
  4. Apollo/obelisk
  5. Apollo/lyre

The Apollo/obelisk and the Apollo/lyre types occur in the Dimalla hoard (see Further reading)in two different modules; this testifies that these were produced also during the Apollo denar series, then minted in the Roman imperial standard.

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3. Dyrrhachium

  1. Zeus/tripod. Obv. Head of Zeus to r. Rev. Tripod lebes between name in two parts, ΔΥΡ below . This is the most frequent Dyrrhachian bronze type; probably contemporary with the cow/calf drachms. Almost all known varieties were found in a temple urn, see the Elbasan hoard in Further reading.
  2. Herakles/bow, club, and quiver
  3. Helios/prow
  4. Aphrodite/eagle
  5. Nike/palm and bunch of grapes

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