The coinage of Apollonia and Dyrrhachium:


12 February 2021

Without the help of many people I could not be able to put together this page. The list below will never be finalized. Scholars, collectors, dealers, enthusiasts have helped me increase my knowledge. I have been allowed to study several museum and private collections, and cherry-picking pre-sale material. I have learnt a lot even from showing me pieces for identification by enthusiasts - studying coins requires much looking before one really starts seeing. I hope this support will continue in the future, thanks for it!

The following list groups names for showing the way they have helped me. The names are in alphabetical order. Regretfully, some of them have not been with us anymore.

Site hosting:
PUETZ William (Bill) beyond this generous site hosting he has helped me with uncountable technical advice / material support in computing, and obtaining remarkable pieces for my study collection.
Archaeologists, historians, museum curators:
ARSLAN Ermanno A., Archaeological Museum Milan, Italy
CEKA Hasan†, Archaeological Institute Tirana, Albania
CONOVICI Niculae†, Archeological Institute Bucharest, Romania
CUNALLY John, Harvard University, USA
DEMBSKI Günther, Kusnthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria
DRAGIČEVIĆ Ivo, Zadar, Croatia
FRANKE Peter, Munich, Germany
JELIČIĆ RADONIĆ Jasna, University of Split, Croatia
KROMANN Anne†, Danish Coin Cabinet Copenhagen, Denmark
KURTH ("Helvetica") Dane,, Busswil, Switzerland
LAZARI Kassiani, Epirus, Greece
LIAMPI Katerina, University of Ioannina, Greece
MASSON Olivier†, Paris, France
MIELE Floriana, Archaelogical Museum Naples, Italy
META Albana, Archaeological Institute Tirana, Albania
MIHAILESCU-BIRLÎBA Virgil, Jaşi, Romania
POPOVIĆ Petar, Belgrade, Serbia
TORBÁGYI Melinda, Hungarian National Museum Budapest, Hungary
STOYAS Yannis, KIKPE Numismatic Collection, Athens, Greece
UJES-MORGAN Dubravka, Archaeological Institute Belgrade, Serbia
VISONÀ Paolo, Colorado, USA
Collectors and dealers:
BEASLEY Zach, Heritage Auctions, USA
DEMETRIADI Basil C, Greece
FREEMAN Michael J, United Kingdom
CURTIS Thomas B, Baldwin's London, United Kingdom
SCHAEFER Eduard, Germany
ŠRECKOVIĆ Slobodan, Belgrade, Serbia

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